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OCULUS Easyfield® C

Get to know the spectacular features of this portable visual field

The OCULUS Easyfield® is designed for use as a visual field screener and a threshold perimeter for immediate re-examination of any abnormal findings. Full compliance with Goldmann standards makes the Easyfield® ideal for all common examinations of the central field of vision up to 30°. The Easyfield® C has an adjustable double chin rest and eye shields for maximum patient comfort.

SPARKtacular features:

  • Save Time - The OCULUS Easyfield® is FAST

  • Save Space - The OCULUS Easyfield® is SMALL and PORTABLE

  • Save Money - The OCULUS Easyfield® is AFFORDABLE

The OCULUS Easyfield® is FAST

SPARK Strategy

It takes only three minutes to perform a threshold visual field exam with the SPARK strategy. The SPARK strategy is based on statistical relationships between threshold values corresponding to different locations in the glaucomatous visual field, derived after analyzing more than 90 000 perimetric examinations. The large amounts of available statistical data make fast and very precise measurements of the threshold values in the central visual field possible.

Your Benefit:
Save Time

The OCULUS Easyfield® is SMALL and PORTABLE

The OCULUS Easyfield® makes a wide range of functions available to you even in confined spaces. Thanks to its extremely compact design you can use it just about anywhere. The Easyfield® C is only 12.4 inches wide, 19.9 inches deep and 17.1 inches high. The enclosed viewer gives you even more flexibility because it allows you to perform examinations independent of room brightness.

Your Benefit:
Save Space


With the OCULUS Easyfield® C, you purchase a complete perimeter for a minimum price and still receive maximum performance: One of the big assets of OCULUS quality is that you save money long-term. Our products not only bear the "Made in Germany" seal of craftsmanship, they also require less maintenance. And so this asset pays off directly in money.

Your Benefit:
Save Money

More spectacular features:

Independent of room brightness
All essential examination programs included
Short examination times

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